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Unimex Enterprises is an Industrial-oriented company in the Railway sectors, Engine power, Consulting and Engineering, Mining and Aluminum ingot.


Industrial equipment supplier

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Railway equipment

Supplier of high-quality products at competitive prices

Wheelset, Wheel & axle

We have more than 25 years of experience in selling wheelsets, wheels, axles, gears, and couplings.

• High quality and different application railroad wheels and axles for sale:
• Resilient wheels, for noise and Vibration damping
Wheels with built-in disc brakes
Safety and braking wheels, for Metropolitan trains with pneumatic tires Low-stress wheels

Traction motor Control

Every train needs a unique motor for its purpose. We offer different types of high-reliability electric Traction motor Control to build the perfect solution for train operators – regardless of train type or geographical location.

Our product portfolio includes liquid and air-cooled traction motors, traction generators, and traction gears for all uses of rail-borne and road-borne, electric vehicles.

Signaling and Communication

Railway signalling (BE), also called railroad signaling (AE), is a system used to control the movement of railway traffic. Trains move on fixed rails, making them uniquely susceptible to collision.

• Signaling system
• Telephone systems
• Public Address system (PA)
• PIS (Passenger Information System)

Railway Propulsion systems

Power, control, and electronics are now united to drive hundreds of railway vehicles running worldwide. Railway propulsion systems are a set of interconnected components that are used to drive locomotives and help you create traction inverters with accurate control train communication interfaces.

• Optimizing energy systems
• Traction Systems: AC/AC, DC/DC, DC/AC
• TCMS, Control Systems: substitution and upgrading of the train’s control system
• Passenger Information Systems: audio and video adapted to the passengers

Railway Coupling

coupling (or a coupler) is a mechanism typically placed at each end of a railway vehicle that connects them together to form a train. A variety of coupler types have been developed over the course of railway history. The design of these couplings is almost as important as the railway gauge since flexibility and convenience are maximized if the couplings can work together no matter what order they come in.

• Semi-permanent and Automatic couplers
• Damper & Collapsing tube
• Support for the gangway
• Air connection

Rail Vehicle

There are several main types of road rail vehicles, depending on the type of vehicle, its application, and the rail gauge on which it operates. Design, operation, and maintenance of the bogie, the wheelsets, and their components for metros, freight, commuter, and high-speed trains.

• Trainset
• Locomotives and Shunters
• Railroad vehicle
• Bogies and Tractions
• Brake
• Coupler
• wheelset

Rail Track

Railway track and rolling stock interact with each other, our reliable and wide selection range of profiles and steel grades for railway tracks for sale meets all requirements for modern railway track construction in the UK Rail industry, and we ensure that trains have reliable, safe tracks to run on.

• Sleeper
• Fasteners
• Elastic pad
• Turnout
• Crossover

Locomotive parts

As a supplier of locomotive components in the UK rail industry, we have earned our reputation as an industry leader and continue to grow our component offerings.

Genset parts & Engine parts
Traction motors
• Bogie
• Wheelset
• Axle box
• Air-conditioning
• Cooling system

Locomotive Gearbox

We are a worldwide reference in the supply of high quality and extensive range of reliable, efficient, and cost-effective equipment and components types of locomotive gearbox:

• Helical-bevel
• Semi-suspended
• Suspended
• Bevel Bevel-Parallel
• Parallel bevel
• For all types of applications Trams, Metros, EMU, DMU, Loco, and High-Speed Train

Engine Parts

We have all types of spare parts for locomotive economical and reliable rail operation in the UK rail industry. Our partner’s excellence lies within their broad technical capability which enables them to boast large production flexibility and versatility.


Depot Equipment

Optimizing maintenance processes and cost is a key factor in the life cycle cost of a tram, metro, or mainline system in the UK rail industry.

• Washing & Cleaning Equipment
• Lathe & Press Equipment
Handling Equipment
• Measurement Equipment
Track Maintenance Equipment
Auxiliary Vehicle

Axle boxes

Railway axle-boxes are one of the more critical components of the railway vehicle. In the unlikely event that an axle box mechanically fails, this can have very serious consequences on railway operations.

• Designed for high mileages and long maintenance intervals.
• For all types of applications: Metros, EMU, DMU, Locomotives, High speed train